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Even though I have a wonderful Mike Lull bass and a Stingray, there's a soft spot in my heart for Fenders. If I had to do a fly date and choose a bass, I'd ask for any decent 5-string Jazz (or I'd happily take a Precision, but not many Precision 5s out there), bring a set of my strings and some set-up tools and make a good night of it. 

I had an American Elite Jazz 5-string for a year. I started out really liking it and I still think they are great basses. But I wound up selling the Elite for another Stingray, then shortly after that, I got my first Mike Lull. 

One thing is certain, after it's all over, Fender and cockroaches will still be around....😄
Fly Low, Fly LOUD
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Good stuff, Geri. I have an old J that I keep on my wall b/c I usually play either my F Bass 5 or fretless 5. 
We did a gig the other nite and played all 60’s and 70’s stuff including about 20 Beatles song so I brought out the ‘74 Jazz. Big mistake b/c now I just to play it! There’s a reason they’re a wanted commodity. I guess there are worse situations, tho. 
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