Since Fret Nation is also a G&L dealer let's add this thread to the guitar forum.

At present I own just one.  An ASAT Special with MFD pickups that has become my favorite all around guitar.  The build and the finish are impeccable but the real bonus is those pickups.  To my ears they're one half single coil and one half mini-humbucker or a mellower P90.  More fullness than Alnico single coils and the power to really push and amp or pedals for some great overdrive.

I'm a Tele fanatic having four others, all Fender and all with different pickups,  but the ASAT Special is different enough to have it's own niche.  It's also left me thinking about adding an ASAT Classic with mini MFDs in the near future.  Between the pickups and the Saddle Lock bridge I really like where Leo took his original Tele design to in terms of modernization.
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