A lot of what separates these companies is their level of customer service.

I had an issue with a freak string breakage and La Bella, no questions asked, sent me a replacement for free so I wouldn't have to purchase an entire new set.  As far as I can tell, they don't sell single strings.  

That is great customer service!

I've ordered many sets of custom La Bella strings from Jason and I'd highly recommend them!

1989 Warwick Dolphin Pro I
2010 Ritter Roya
2003 Parker Fly FB4
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me too, Mr. Groove.
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I have been interested in trying La Bellss myself. I just tried my first set of EB Cobalt flats on my Jack Casady, and so far have been very pleased. I just bought a Gibson 335 bass, and it may get my first set of La Bellas. I am thinking flats and semi hollow bodies go well together.
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