David BassPlayer57
This bass that will never leave me. She will be passed on to my Son. I bought this bass new in 1977.
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I owned an identical looking 4001 of about the same vintage back in the late 80s. Great playing and sounding instrument but I couldn't get used to the neck profile. Yours looks to be extremely well-preserved for its age.

I'm still on a quest to find a Ric with a neck that fits my fretting hand...played two such examples over the past 40 years but neither was for sale...🙅...not giving up on them, though.

May you play yours in good health for many more years.
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I just bought another Ric a 4004Cii Cheyenne. I have a 4003 and it’s a go to bass for performance. However, the Cheyenne just went beyond expectations! The neck is a Lille thinner profile wise. The humbucker pickups deliver tone at all settings. Pricey but worth it.
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David BassPlayer57
She does have her battle scars here and there. Mostly buckle rash. She only get used occasionally now and only leaves my home studio on special occasions.
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I have a 1980 FG 4001. It is dreamy in both tone and playability. I put it up against anyone’s claim about the 4001’s lack of diversity in tone.
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