Ah yes, the wonderful quirky world of Jens Ritter.  I stayed away for a long time thinking that his basses were just 'art'.  In reality, they are highly playable art.  I found myself in the fortunate position to be able to acquire one of these beasts a few years back and I haven't looked back.  Jens makes some of the finest basses on the planet.

Here's my baby:

The white-coated DR strings were nice, but not as nice as the La Bella Limited Ed. Tiger's Blood I was able to score from Jason:




The Roya is a beast!  Super fast neck, punchy with very much its own sound.  If you have a chance, try out a Ritter as they are playable art!

1989 Warwick Dolphin Pro I
2010 Ritter Roya
2003 Parker Fly FB4
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