I saw a post in a different online forum that stated "With many custom-built instruments, the thing that the shop might have the least control over is the weight of the bass."  This is far from the truth when it comes to Spector.  However it all depends on who you order from. 

Here is the thing.  The Spector USA shop is a full Custom Shop (with some limitations).  If the customer says they want something a certain way, myself as your Spector USA contact or another dealer if you must is your communication point to put your dream into reality. 

One of the things I ask when someone approaches me about a new Spector build is "what kind of weight are you looking for" and I help put together the bass to their needs.

I had a customer who wanted a very lightweight Coda 5-String.  We ended up with a bass in the low 8 pounds range.  Hipshot Ultralights, Aluminum Bridge, and hand selected the lightest body woods they could find.  

Another customer wanted a light weight Coda but with Ash wings.  So we made sure to select the lightest ash wings that Spector had available.  

If the end user must have a Brass bridge and solid figured maple wings, the weight is going to be around the same...  However Spector will take the time to weigh different wings and say "these are X lighter than the others we have" for the customer to then choose from. 

So when putting together your next custom build, who ever you are talking to be sure to mention all of your wants, including and not limited to weight.
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